Open Mind Zen Indiana welcomes any individual with a sincere interest in Zen to become a member of the organization. Memberships help support OMZI’s mission to provide services, programming, and other events for our Southern Indiana community. Membership is also a way of strengthening your commitment to practice in a more formal way. No individual will be denied the opportunity to become an OMZI member due to financial hardship, however, those interested in participating at the student level must be willing to commit to at least to some level of financial support for the organization. Please contact us at to discuss opportunities for membership.

Membership Levels

Friend of OMZI

The suggested donation for this level of membership is $5 a session. Friends of OMZI are individuals who attend our live or online meditations sessions, talks, and discussions, and who are committed to supporting the organization in a more formal way.

OMZI Supporting Member

The suggested donation for this level of membership is $30 a month. OMZI supporting members pledge an ongoing commitment to supporting the sangha and receive a 50% discount on tuition for any retreats, workshops, or special events.

OMZI Student

The suggested level of donation for this level of membership is $60 a month. OMZI students make a formal commitment to work regularly with an Open Mind Zen teacher and to engage in the School’s formal practice paths, which include consistent individual and group-based meditation, the study of koans and other Buddhist texts, and regular attendance at retreats and other special events. Progress in formal study allows students to become eligible for advancement to the ranks of Senior Student, Assistant Teacher, Dharma Holder (hoshi), and Zen Teacher (shiho) in the Open Mind Zen School.

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