Our group meets weekly on Mondays from 7-8:30pm at the UU Church in Bloomington and on selected Saturdays from 1-2:30pm at the UU Congregation of Columbus. We can provide you with meditation cushions or you may sit on a chair if that is more comfortable. If it is your first time attending, we ask that you contact us to schedule a brief, 15-minute orientation before your first meeting.

Monday Schedule (weekly, UU Bloomington)

6:45-7:00pm         Orientation and Set-Up

7pm-7:25pm         Sitting Meditation (Zazen)

7:25pm-7:35pm    Walking Meditation (Kinhin)

7:35pm-7:50pm    Sitting Meditation (Zazen)

7:50pm-8:20pm    Discussion, Dharma Talks, or Dokusan

Saturday Schedule (twice a month at the UU in Columbus, check calendar for specific dates)

12:45-1:00pm         Orientation and Set-Up

1pm-1:20pm         Sitting Meditation (Zazen)

1:20pm-1:30pm    Walking Meditation (Kinhin)

1:30pm-1:45pm    Sitting Meditation (Zazen)

1:45pm-2:15pm    Discussion, Dharma Talks, or Dokusan

Suggested donation for drop-in meditation sessions and talks is $5.